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A self-massage gun? Kesako...

The use of a massage gun is extremely effective, especially in the presence of muscle pain where the application of its powerful massage can accelerate recovery time. all in reducing tension linked to the muscles, right from the first use. It makes it possible to chase away the tensions that give rise to tendinopathies (or muscle tears). Finally, it accelerates blood circulation which will oxygenate the muscles faster.

How do massage guns work?

It is mainly used in the phase of sports recovery , but also in training (in warm-up phase). Different attachments, called massage heads, massage with twisting movements (like kneading in the manual massage or self-massage ) by vibrations/percussions such as the vibrations obtained by the hammering of the fingertips of the masseur-physiotherapist , by pressure to massage the subcutaneous planes in depth. It is therefore important that the muscle massage gun has several modes of speed and power settings because the meatier the muscle, the stronger the pressure must be.

6 massage heads + 30 speeds:

The deep tissue massage gun comes with 6 different massage heads to help relieve sore muscles, 30 adjustable speed modes. Choose the speed and massage heads that best suit your needs (1,800 to 4,800 pulses per minute) to target different body parts and muscle groups.

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