When working remotely, your computer displays “away / offline” as soon as you are away for a few seconds? Do you feel watched? Opt for the mouse mover. It is undetectable, keeps the cursor moving, and avoids screen sleep, to appear always available.

mouse jiggler faites bouger votre souris en télétravail

Mouse Jiggler: Make your mouse move while working remotely!

When working remotely, it is common for employers to seek to monitor the activities of their employees, in particular by checking their activity on the computer. However, this constant monitoring can cause stress for remote workers and harm their well-being and productivity. Fortunately, there are tools that can counter this surveillance, including mouse movers.

A mouse mover is a tool that allows you to simulate mouse movement in a random manner, making it appear as if the user is present and active on the computer, even if they are not. This allows remote workers to not be constantly monitored and to work in a more relaxed environment.

By moving the mouse randomly, the computer cursor also moves, making it appear as if the user is active on the screen , even if they are doing something else. This can help preserve the privacy of remote workers and allow them to work more peacefully, without the fear of being constantly monitored.

Mouse movers are especially useful for remote workers who use online communication tools like Microsoft Teams. Indeed, when the user is online but does not move the mouse for an extended period of time, the application automatically displays the "inactive" status. This can make the user appear to be not working , even if they are working on another task. Mouse movers therefore make it possible to counter this situation and show that the user is present and active.

Using mouse movers can also help reduce stress and improve work-life balance . Indeed, remote workers can sometimes feel obligated to stay in front of their computer for hours, even if they need to take a break or take care of other tasks. By using a mouse mover, they can make their employer believe that they are still active, while still taking time to rest and recharge.

Finally, using mouse movers can help improve productivity by preventing remote workers from feeling like they have to pretend to work. Indeed, when the user is constantly monitored, they may be tempted to pretend to work, which can harm their productivity and motivation. By using a mouse mover, remote workers can work at their own pace and focus on their tasks without the pressure of constant monitoring.