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When it comes to creating a workspace functional and aesthetic , every detail counts. The choice of desk accessories can make all the difference, and this genuine leather desk pad is one of those items that combines both style and utility.

1. 100% full grain leather: a noble and elegant material

Full grain leather represents the very essence of authenticity. It comes from the upper surface of the skin , where the fibers are densest and strongest. It is this part of the skin which is directly exposed to the elements and which thus develops great resilience . Unlike other leathers, full grain leather is tanned without removing or modifying the surface. This conservative process preserves the unique characteristics of each skin

It is therefore a desk pad of natural origin and designed to stand the test of time , making it a wise investment for your office. Its soft and smooth texture also adds a touch of elegance to any workspace.

2. Protect your desktop

One of the main functions of a desk pad is to protect your desk surface . Scratches, stains, and wear marks are all problems you can avoid by using a desk pad. It creates an effective barrier between your desk and the objects you place there, thus extending the life of your furniture.

3. Telework comfortably

Full-grain leather provides a smooth, pleasant surface for writing. If you use a pen or pencil often, you will appreciate the soft feeling under your hand. Additionally, using a genuine leather desk pad reduces the noise generated by writing, creating a quieter working environment.

Single size: 80x40cm

Available in several colors: Walnut Brown, Chocolate Brown, Indian Brown, and Mud Gray

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