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Improved posture and stability:

Our medicine ball specially designed for a sit-stand posture offers an effective solution to strengthen your muscles and improve your posture at the office . By using the ball as a seat, you actively engage your core muscles, which promotes a more balanced and stable sit-stand position.

Targeted muscle strengthening:

By using the medicine ball, you can strengthen your back, abdominal and leg muscles in a targeted manner. The instability of the ball requires your body to constantly adapt, which further engages your core muscles to maintain balance. This helps strengthen your body as a whole and prevent pain associated with prolonged sedentary posture.

Improved flexibility and mobility:

Regular use of the medicine ball also helps improve flexibility and mobility. The movements and stretches performed on the ball help release muscle tension and maintain a better range of motion, which is essential for preventing stiffness and joint pain associated with prolonged sitting.

Stimulation of concentration and productivity:

The medicine ball also boosts your concentration and productivity in the office. Consistent muscle engagement and stimulation of the proprioceptive system promotes better blood circulation and increased oxygenation to the brain , which can improve your energy levels and mental clarity.

Several diameters available: 55, 65, or 75cm

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