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Exceptional audio quality for clear and precise communication!

This speaker with USB microphone provides superior audio quality for effortless meetings and conferences. Thanks to its advanced technology, it captures and broadcasts clear, crisp sound , allowing all participants to hear and be heard optimally.

Multidirectional microphone:

The integrated multidirectional microphone picks up sound from different directions , ensuring complete audio coverage in the meeting or conference room. No more bending over or approach the microphone, everyone can speak freely while being heard clearly.

Compact and portable design:

Thanks to its compact design, this speaker with microphone is easy to carry and to install in different meeting or conference rooms. You can place it on a table or mount it on a stand, depending on your specific needs. Its discreet appearance integrates harmoniously to any professional environment.

Volume and function control:

This speaker has volume control buttons, allowing you to adjust the sound level according to your preferences. Some models also offer additional features such as echo cancellation and noise, ensuring an optimal audio experience.

Ideal for meetings and conferences:

Whether for team meetings, professional conferences or online presentations, this speakerphone with USB microphone meets all your communication needs. He improves audio quality of your interactions, thus promoting effective collaboration and clear communication.

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