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Silicone gel wrist rest

Silicone gel wrist rest

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  • If you often work at a computer and feel discomfort in your wrist after using the mouse or typing on the keyboard, your hand position is probably not good on the desk surface. This posture causes tension that can lead to long-term damage like carpal tunnel syndrome.


  • The use of ergonomic wrist rests can relieve these pains but it can also prevent them and therefore avoid them.
  • With its heart shape and colorful design , this wrist rest is super cute and super soft and fluffy .
  • Thanks to its silicone design, it will perfectly fit the curves of your wrist and instantly return to its original shape as soon as you leave the office.
  • This wrist rest will help you relax your wrist effectively and provide the comfort and ergonomic support you need during your long days of telecommuting .
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