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Anti-sleep mechanical mouse jiggler

Anti-sleep mechanical mouse jiggler

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If you work from home (or elsewhere) and want to keep your business computer awake , the mechanical mouse mover will be your best ally!

With this powerful tool offered by digital-no W mad, your profile will never go into "unavailable" status again (Microsoft Lync, Skype, Zoom, Webex, etc.), even if you are not in front of your pc. No more disturbing status: "out of office" which is set up as soon as you move away from the PC for more than a few minutes.


Just plug in and turn on the mover, then rest your mouse on it. An on / off button will allow you to be able to plug / unplug more easily.

The mouse mover uses random movement : left, right. Thanks to its mechanical design, none of your company's tracking software will be able to detect this tool.

It works with all PC & MAC operating systems, and no driver is needed.

The stand is large enough to support a large gaming mouse. Works with all types of optical mice : wired and wireless.

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