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Bluetooth Multicolor LED Adhesive Light Strips

Bluetooth Multicolor LED Adhesive Light Strips

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A cocooning and stylish atmosphere:

Bluetooth Controlled Adhesive LED Strip Lights are innovative and convenient lighting devices that can transform any room into a bright and colorful space in no time. Go from green to blue, from blue to red in the blink of an eye. Match your workspace to your mood with this fantastic colorful ribbon.

They can be used to illuminate an entire room, to highlight decorative elements or even to create a luminous atmosphere for an evening. You can also use them to light up your garden or terrace.

Controlled by Bluetooth:

These adhesive LED strips are equipped with Bluetooth control technology which makes it easy to control them from your mobile phone . With a range of colors and lighting modes, these LED strips can be used to create lighting moods for all kinds of occasions. You just need to download a free app to be able to control the LED strips. You can choose from a range of colors and lighting modes to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Excellent brightness, and energy efficient:

The light bar is powered by 12V to ensure the possibility of high brightness . Bluetooth-controlled adhesive LED strip lights are also very energy efficient . They are equipped with high efficiency LEDs which consume very little energy. This means you can use them for hours without having to worry about your electricity bill. Besides, they are also very durable and have a long service life.

Easy setup:

No tools are required to install the LED lights, just tear off the back self-adhesive tape of the led lights and stick it to a clean, dry surface . One-piece design, easy to hide. The LED tape can be cut along the cut mark without damaging the rest of the tape.

LED strips are also flexible , which means they can be bent and bent to adapt to all kinds of shapes and surfaces.

Safe and durable use:

The LED strip has excellent heat dissipation , which makes it more durable. Extremely low heat makes it safe for children to touch. 

Available in several sizes:

Bluetooth controlled adhesive LED strip lights are available in a range of different sizes and lengths . You can find short LED strips to light up a small area , or longer LED strips to light up an entire room .

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