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Elastic resistance bands for bodybuilding

Elastic resistance bands for bodybuilding

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Release your stress:

Sport is essential to be effective at (tele)work, and also for your well-being quite simply. At digital-no W mad, we believe that there is nothing like a good dose of adrenaline to evacuate all the stress of work. A word of advice: automatically block an hour in your professional diary in advance, this will avoid finding yourself drowned in meetings and telling yourself that you did not have time...

Elastic material to keep the shape:

This material is robust and of high quality, it has a very high resistance . The handles are made of non-slip and environmentally friendly materials. These resistance bands will be the perfect partners for your muscle building sessions .

Light and compact:

Additionally, resistance bands for strength training are lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry and store . They can be used at home , in the office , while traveling or at the gym , which makes them very practical for people who have a busy schedule.

Many possible exercises:

Fitness resistance bands will improve your strength , and help you sculpt your Apollo or Goddess body. Perfect for Gym, Yoga, Pilates, Workout, Home Strength Training. Many exercises are possible for both men and women.

A very affordable price:

Finally, resistance bands for resistance training are an economical choice compared to other training equipment, which makes them accessible to a wide audience.

Several levels of difficulty:

Quantity: 1 piece/bag
Color of your choice: yellow, green, red, blue, black ( choose the color in connection with the desired resistance)
Height: 120cm
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