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Ergonomic design for unparalleled comfort:

The ergonomically designed footrest can elevate your feet to a comfortable height, improve your blood circulation and correct your sitting posture, prevent bad posture , relieve shoulder and back pain and fatigue. Create a comfortable and more ergonomic workspace for you and ideal for the home or office.

Massage your feet gently:

A massage surface with round bumps and massage rollers . It can help fully massage and stimulate foot acupuncture points and improve blood circulation in your feet, to relieve foot pain and numbness caused by prolonged sitting.

Dismountable and transportable:

This office footrest is made of high quality plastic, strong and stable, with a smooth surface and easy to clean. It is suitable for use at home, office and travel .

Adjustable and height adjustable:

This footrest adjustable to 6 different heights and angles , suitable for office chairs and sofas of different heights. The four anti-slip pads at the bottom ensure that the footrest is stable and does not slip during use.

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