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Keep your cables tidy and avoid tangling:

Our silicone cable organizer is designed to help you organize and manage your desk cables efficiently . No more tangled cables and confusion! This system allows you to keep your cables tidy and easily accessible.

Strong Adhesive and Easy Installation:

The cable organizer is equipped with strong adhesive on the back, allowing you to easily attach it to various surfaces , such as your desk, wall, or even the side of your computer. Installation takes just seconds and requires no additional tools.

Flexibility and versatility:

Made of soft silicone , this cable organizer is flexible and fits different types of cables , whether it is power cables, USB cables, audio cables or other types of cables commonly used in the desk. You can adjust the slots according to the size of your cables for optimal storage.

Room for storage and cleanliness:

By keeping your cables organized and grouped, this organizer helps maintain a clean and tidy workspace . It also prevents the risk of tripping or cable damage, ensuring both your safety and the longevity of your cables.

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